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Dear Mr. Potter…

Is one of the greatest blogs that I have ever read.

If you love Harry Potter, go check it out.

I have several letters inside me to several characters and my best friends even call me ‘Padfoot,’ so this blog’s really captured my mind today.
At the same time though, it placed a bit a fear inside my heart…you hold the reader’s heart in your hands you write.
While writing is amazing and the thing I love to do most in the world, you need to always consider your reader.

Harry Potter has changed the world, people, their lives; he’s become more than a story to a lot of us, myself probably included.
I want my books to do that, not to sound arrogant, or anything, but it’s what I want, what I crave deep down.

When I finally succeed, don’t worry, dear reader; you will always be foremost on my mind. I promise.

Mischief mananged.

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On the subject of banned books…

Books should not be banned.
Sure, there are books that I wouldn’t want my little sister reading until she’s older, but banning a book is an incringement on our freedom.

Some books are banned for ‘offensive words,’ but if you take a look, those words usually weren’t offensive in the time periods they were written in.
Let’s use The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn for an example.
Mark Twain uses the word ‘nigger’ in the book quite a lot; this is a highly offensive term in these times and I would never want to use it at all.
During Mr. Twain’s time though, this was just a common term for people of African heritage.

As for the slavery part of the book being unsuitable for students to read, I have this to say:
Yes, Jim is a slave, and slavery is a terrible thing, but Jim is also probably the most human character in the book. Also, slavery was normal during the time period that Huck Finn was written. Part of reading a book from the past is learning about that time period to begin with.

If this book was used for a high school reading list, all the teacher would need to do is explain about the time period that the author lived in and why the ‘offensive’ terms are offensive now.

Another banned book that I have read is ‘Go Ask Alice.’
This book does not glamourize doing drugs in any form, in my opinion anyway.
During the book, the character shares how frightened she is of how deeply she is sinking into the world of drug use.
She runs away from home and ends up in a mental institution throughout the journey she takes her reader through, and finally ends up dying from an overdose; just as the reader thinks she is off drugs for good.
No, this book isn’t for a sixth-grader to read, but I don’t think an 11th or 12th grade is too young to be reading it. In fact, maybe if they did, we would have fewer kids on drugs.

For more information on banned books, please go to:

I plan on reading quite a few banned tomes this summer and I hope that you’ll join me, or at least open your mind a bit on the subject.

Happy Memorial Day!
Thank you to all our fallen heroes!


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I suppose introductions are in order…

Hello! :)

My name is Brë Henson!

I’ve been writing seriously for about…6 years now.
I write anything from novels to haiku. My novels tend to lean towards Sci-Fi and Fantasy.
I’ve written one novel and am now bogged down in the dreaded rewriting and editing process.
My 2nd novel is in the just writing stage. XD It started out as a script for a manga, but my artist friend said that she didn’t think she could capture all the detail and that I should just write another novel.

I’ve written 12 pages for a script, tons of poems, as well as some fan fiction.
I really like the freedom fan fiction gives me, because it allows me to post some of my work on the internet without having to care that someone will steal it.

Now that I’ve discussed my work; here are a few things about myself:

I will be 18 in 18 days and I graduate from high school in 4 days.
I have been home schooled since 2nd grade, and yes, we have a normal graduation just like kids in other schools. :)
I will be going to college to major in Psychology and History.
I have a cockatiel named Ludwig, after Beethoven; I’ve played piano for a long time.
Also, I have been a vegetarian for a year; I love it and doubt that I will ever be much of a meat eater again.

A few of my favorite books are:
The Harry Potter series
The Artemis Fowl series
The Maximum Ride series
Treasure Island
The King Raven Trilogy (which is a lovely take on Robin Hood)
Any version of King Arthur

and a ton of others that I’m sure I’m forgetting.

Thanks for reading!

P.S. For a good song, check out ‘Graduation Day’ by the Remus Lupins!

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